The GROW Model

Background to the GROW Model

The GROW Model was introduced by Sir John Whitmore more than 20 years ago in his book Coaching for Performance, and was developed out of the Inner Game theory developed by Tim Gallwey. GROW was also described a few years later by Max Landsberg in The Tao of Coaching.

Since then there have been other variations, the most common being TGROW.

        T – Topic for the coaching session
        G – Goal setting for the session as well as short and long term
        R – Reality checking to explore the current situation
        O – Options and alternative strategies or courses of action
        W – What is to be done, When, by Whom and the Will to do it

The GROW Model has become very well known in the business area and has also been adopted by many life coaches. It provides an effective, structured methodology which both helps set goals effectively and is a problem solving process. It is easily understood, straightforward to apply and very thorough.

Its simplicity means that it can be used by anyone without special training.

You can discover some Goal questions here: Goal questions.

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